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Sunday, August 5, 2007

PC Quake--- Mission Statement

Don't Fall in a Fissure!!! Many sites are available that point to the best freeware, but I will only reccomend freeware I use myself on a daily basis, so don't get burned by sites that tell you to download this and that, and let them end up making themself money through advertisements, come here to PC Quake and feel the eruption of quility freeware!!!
Shareware Statement:
We will absoulutely never ever send you to shareware on purpose, but always check the info from the download page you click on, because some sites will change their services in a days time, we are sorry if we accidently send you to shareware, and it will only be because of the above reason!!!
PC Quake, Corbinboy, JWFIGS, or any of our chain of sites will NOT be responsible for any viruses, spy-ware, or any other item that may cause damages to your computer, we hold absoulutely hold NO liability!!! We are very sorry if one of the sites we send you to has a virus included with the download, but we are not to be responsible, because we do not maintain any sites you may directly download off-of. Please have fun and use my website as much as you need to so you won't fall in a fissure!!!