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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Today's Featured Article: Freebyte

How it all began:
We, the owners of PC Quake, have contacted the creators of freebyte, and recieved a wonderful amount of information about how they came to start one of the best free sites on the web!!!
Below is our exclusive interview with the creators of freebyte!!!
Henk Hagedoorn (at that time a software developer, now owner of Freebyte.com ) started in 1995 with some freeware programs, such as HJSplit ( www.freebyte.com/hjsplit ), TreePad (now TreePad Lite, www.treepad.com/treepadfreeware/ ) as well as a general freeware page called "Henk's Windows 95 Freeware page". A few months later, "Henk's Windows Screensaver Page" was added. At that time the site was hosted at SimpleNet. The next year (1996) the site was moved to the domain Freebyte.com and expanded into what it is today. Freebyte.com now also owns the websites: treepad.com, customaddressbook.com, disktective.com, fastfilerenamer.com, exe-ebookcreator.com, and Freebyte.net . So now you can easilly see how you can start your own website or free site and allow it to grow to be one of the web's best websites, so get started today, every awesome website starts out small and unknown, and check out freebyte and their awesome directory of free stuff!!!